T350 24v

Mobility scooter doesn’t have to be OLD school looking. Emmo T350 gives you the best range and luxury riding experience compare to other mobility products on the market!
  • T350 24v
  • T350 24v
  • T350 24v
  • T350 24v
Features and Specs


T350 Manual


Extreme Long distance, Warming handle bar for your winter ride, Electric Brake System, Front Disc Brake, Tubeless Tires, Digital Meter, Head Support Rest, Forward/Reverse Driving System
Color: Blue; Dark Red; Silver
Special Features 24V/55Ah Lead Acid Battery, Long distance ride, Warming handle bar for your winter ride.
Wheel Size: 10″ x 3.0″ Tubeless
Gross Weight: 100 kg
Dual Speed: Forward Upto 15km/h; Backward 4km/h
Travel Range: Up to 70kms*
Charging Time: 5 – 10 Hours
Climbing Angle: 20 Degrees
Motor: DC 24V / 400W Continuous – 500W plus Maximum
Battery: 12V/55Ah x 2 Lead Acid
Charger: AC100-120V, Smart Charger (Battery maintained while charging)
Controller: Curtis 24V90A microprocessor-based PMV system providing optimal levels of torque and power
Brake System: Electromagnetic Regenerative
Lock System: Key Ignition Lock / Back Wheels Lock
Meter & Indicator: Battery Strength Indicator, Light Indicator, Speedo Meter
Lighting System: LED Headlight, LED Turning Signals, LED Brake Lights, LED Tail Lights, LED Indicator Light
Storage: Front Glove Box; Under-Seat Storage; Rear Bag
* Travel range is based on riding on level ground, no stops, no winds, warm temperatures for a 175lb rider with no extra cargo.


Tail Metal Basket with Rack (Coming Soon):
Rain Cover Large Size: $50
Helmet Half Face: $49
Helmet Open Face 205: $69
Helmet Open Face 202: $79
Helmet Full Face: $99
Cable Alarm Lock $50
Lock with One Year Insurance $120
Cable Lock with Alarm System $50
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